Unbenanntes Dokument

Rick Rock
Rick Rock in Space
Rick Rock Underwater
Vampire Madness

Ruudbart - The Rescue
Lindwurm Riders
Lindwurm Riders Assault

Thunder Squadron
Thunder Squadron II
Mecha Patrol

Bosozoku Fighters

Groove of the Dead

PlayOff Arena
Soccer Cup
Jet Set Babes Beach Volley
Football Crack
Unbenanntes Dokument

Unbenanntes Dokument

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Keyboard controls and instructions

You are Lola Ray, humanity’s last hope against hordes of the grooving undead! Bitter rival Amanda, the fallen broadway diva, plans to take over the world in one final dance show full of zombies resurrected by a mysterious potion...

Square off against troupes of zombie dancers by imitating their steps with the right timing as you are treated with long, groovy tracks and a stylish choreography.


This demo version requires the Flash plugIn (version 6.0 or higher).
You can download it here:

Unbenanntes Dokument